‘the achievement of violinist Liza Ferschtman and pianist Roman Rabinovich was to transcend the superficially rebarbative nature of this piece (Bartók Sonata no.1), and to display its underlying unity. They triumphantly brought out the poised beauty of the Adagio and the wild fiddle-dance of the finale’ 

The Independent, January 2018

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‘Ferschtman takes a subtly shaded approach, the brilliance and energy of her performance thoroughly compelling. The moments when the texture clears and the solo violin emerges alone are particularly entrancing, and Ferschtman’s artistry and flair never falter’

The Strad, may 2018

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‘In this live performance, Ferschtman’s sound is big and rich, full of personality and fizzing with ideas, but she’s also capable of that special trick of melting while maintaining poise and elegance’

BBC Music Magazine, May 2018

‘La Sérénade d’après Le Banquet de Platon…permit surtout d’entendre une interprète de grande classe, la néerlandaise Liza Ferschtman, qui aborda l’exigeante partie soliste avec une une sûreté technique totale (conduite d’archet et usage du vibrato remarquables), une sensibilité sans afféterie, et une magnifique pureté de son comme d’expression, s’illustrant en particulier dans le quatrième mouvement Agathon, coeur émotionnel de cette Sérénade.’

Bachtrack, June 2018

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‘The recording of this release (SACD Surround) is simply superb, supporting the lushness of Korngold’s 1945 violin concerto perfectly. The achievement here is that Ferschtman does not milk the melodies, letting them speak for themselves, eloquently, while the Prague orchestra is on knife-edge form. Heifetz left a legendary recording (1953), while Perlman and Previn offered a well-considered reading. Ferschtman offers a splendid modern alternative’

Classical Music Magazine, May 2018